Universities are continually reviewing and expanding their program offerings and electives to make this degree flexible and accessible, while still integrating core business skills and cutting edge tools that make this degree a staple in business management. When considering an MBA program, students should weigh the cost, program quality, and the specializations available. The programs included on this ranking are all highly accredited and very affordable. Making this list an excellent place to begin the search for the perfect Master’s of Business Administration program.


Enrolling in a master’s in business administration program provides a great foundation for doctoral study or for profitable managerial roles in various industries. As of May 2018, management occupations boast a median annual salary of $104,240 and a higher-than-average projected job growth rate of 7%, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data. The list of top business schools and MBA programs ranked below shifts yearly as the business education landscape changes. This 2022 rankings page highlights the top MBA programs in the U.S. and offers guidance in choosing an MBA that fits your lifestyle and career goals.

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Best Online Master Of Public Administration Programs

A master of public administration degree (MPA) is a terminal professional designation that leads to managerial and executive careers in all levels of government. An MPA also qualifies degree-holders for similar positions with non-government organizations (NGOs) and public policy-oriented nonprofit agencies. Some stakeholders characterize the degree as an MBA for public sector professionals. The MPA overlaps with another common graduate-level designation, the master of public policy (MPP). Unlike MPP programs, which focus more on the theory of policy design, MPA degrees prepare students to meet the challenges associated with implementing and improving public policies. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), numerous public policy professions appear poised for strong growth in the years ahead. For example, the BLS anticipates a faster-than-average growth rate of 6% for administrative services managers between 2019 and 2029. The content on this page discusses what to expect from an online master of public administration and ranks the top online MPA programs.

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Top 10 Universities For Bachelor’s Degrees In Business

A Business Degree is a practical degree that will give you the skills you need to enter the business world. A career in business can look different for each person. There are several tracks to follow after earning a degree in business. Typically, graduates with a degree in business will enter one of five categories: business operators, financial specialist, management, sales, or other.
The pay range varies greatly across different careers in business. You can focus on many diverse areas of business depending on what interests you. There are business careers for people interested in finance and numbers, but there are also business careers for those interested in creative solutions and interacting with people. These best ten bachelor’s degrees in business are all customizable to fit your particular interests and goals. Take a look at the 10 Best Bachelor’s Degrees in Business and get your professional career started on the right track.