Best Water Purifier For Home

Best Water Purifier For Home – Water has many benefits in which diseases stay away, life becomes longer etc. But if water itself becomes the cause of diseases, would you like to drink water? Today we are going to talk about the brand of Water Filters which makes water 100 percent pure and clean.

Best Water Purifier For Home: Water is life and clean and pure water eliminates diseases. Brings glow to the face, reduces hair fall, and water also increases longevity. If the water coming into your house is smelly, yellow, or has algae blooms, you need to do an immediate water change and install an affordable water purifier.

It is considered very helpful to have a water filter in the house, which cleans the water coming from borewell, tap and tank in the house. Talking about brands, Urban Company, Aquaguard, V-Guard, Kent and AO Smith are included, which purify water in several stages. Talking about Best Water Purifier For Home and Water Purifier Price, let us tell you that you can buy all the filters on Amazon at a saving of Rs 10 to 15 thousand.

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Best Water Purifier For Home: Price, Features and Specialties

As we told you above that you can choose Water Purifier from top brands of India with low prices. Also, the technology of these filters includes RO, UV, UF, TDS control and alkaline, which cleans the water of bacteria, fungus, bad smell etc. in several stages. Let us know the price of Water Purifier RO.

1. Urban Company Native M1 Copper RO Water Purifier

Urban Company Native M1 Water Filters For Home purifies water in 10 stages. Also its technology promoted RO+UV+UF+MTDS filtration with copper, alkaline and essential minerals.

It has been included in the list of Best Water Purifier in India and also gives you US FDA certified 99.99% pure water. You can also keep it on the kitchen counter top. Urban Company Water Purifier Price: Rs 14,149.

2. Aquaguard Ritz Stainless Steel RO Water Purifier

This Home Water Purifier has 8 stages for purification. Also RO+UV+MTDS technology is included in it. RO membrane removes contaminants like lead and mercury and eliminates disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

With this Best Water Purifier For Home, UV e-boiling provides water that is as safe and pure as water boiled for more than 20 minutes. Taste Adjuster (MTDS) provides sweet tasting water by adjusting the taste depending on the water source. Aquaguard Water Purifier Price: Rs 17,700.

3. V-Guard Zenora RO Water Purifier

V-Guard Genora comes with a tanker capacity of 7 litres, which purifies water in 8 stages. This Water Purifier RO completely cleans yellow water, smelly water and water with algae in the house.

The stunning design of V-Guard Jenora gives a better look to your kitchen. The black design of this Water Filters For Home is quite unique, which can be hung on the counter top and wall. V-Guard Water Purifier Price: Rs 8,999.

4. KENT Supreme Lite RO Water Purifier

Now let’s talk about the Best Water Purifier in India, whose transparent design is quite good. Kent brand gives 4 years free service warranty on its purchase, which lasts for a long time.

This Best Water Purifier For Home from Kent comes in 8 liters of storage, which filters water and stores it. Kent filter remains active to filter water 24 hours. Kent Water Purifier Price: Rs 12,999.

5. A.O.Smith Z2+ Under the Counter RO Water Purifier

Now let’s talk about Z2 Plus AO Smith Home Water Purifier, which has a 5 liter water tanker, which filters water in 6 stages. It is kept under the counter in the kitchen.

The design of this Water Purifier RO is quite spectacular. You can buy it from Amazon at a low price with LED features and 1 year warranty and drink clean water every day. AO Smith Water Purifier Price: Rs 20,298.

Check out all the Best Water Purifier For Home options on Amazon

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