Best Tumor Pain Doctor

Best Tumor Pain Doctor

The hard work of the doctors of Ranchi RIMS has given a new life to a girl. This girl was suffering from a big tumor at the back of the head and neck since childhood. She went to many places for treatment but the doctors refused due to the high risk. Finally Doctor A of RIMS agreed for the treatment.

The team of doctors present in the operation theater of RIMS – Jagran.

When private hospitals refused surgery, the doctors of RIMS Hospital saved the girl’s life.

Doctors from Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery departments together performed the operation for nine hours.

Jasan, Ranchi. Doctors of the Department of Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery in RIMS, after performing a complex surgery for about nine hours, removed a tumor weighing about three kilos from the head of a 17 year old girl and gave her a better life. This girl, a resident of Chaibasa, had a large tumor at the back of the head and neck since birth, due to which there was a lot of difficulty in moving the head and neck. In medical language it is called plexiform neurofibromatosis.

The operation was risky

The family members rushed to many hospitals for treatment, but considering the complexity of the surgery, everyone refused treatment. Ultimately the girl was admitted to the unit of Prof. (Dr.) CB Sahay in the Neurosurgery Department of RIMS.

The team of neurosurgery and plastic surgery removed the tumor in a complex surgery that took several hours. This tumor was very large and due to it being a bleeding tumor, the team faced a lot of complications in performing the operation.

The patient’s condition is better now and he will be discharged soon after recovery. Dr. Sahay told that this was a very complex surgery, for which proper planning was done and after every examination of the patient, the surgery was started and was successful.

Relatives said this

It felt bad to go anywhere with the tumor. After the surgery, the patient’s relatives said that the tumor was so big that it felt bad to look at. Wherever I went, people used to talk to me about various things, due to which I felt embarrassed. But after coming to RIMS, a hope arose and after the hard work of the doctors, the surgery was successful and now the tumor has also disappeared.

In this surgery, Dr. CB Sahay from Neurosurgery Department, Dr. Vikrant from Plastic Surgery Department, Dr. Saurabh from Anesthesia Department, apart from Dr. Rajeev, Dr. Deepak, Dr. Vikas, Dr. Ravi, Dr. Sanjeev, Dr. Pratibha. , Dr. Monica, Dr. Amrita, Dr. Sachin, Dr. Surbhi and Dr. Naresh.


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