10 Smart Kitchen Hacks

10 Smart Kitchen Hacks
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These smart kitchen hacks will make the life of a business woman easier

Kitchen Hacks: If you are working and want to design your kitchen items quickly, then you can make your work easier by adopting the hacks given below.

Easy Cooking Tips: Women spend maximum time in doing kitchen work. If you are working then you have to work twice as hard. In such a situation, to hurry up their work, the women of the house finish their work a day before, so that they can help in doing the next day’s work. Now when working women are free from household work, they have to engage in office work. For this reason they have to suffer from problems like fatigue. In such a situation, it becomes a challenging task for the working woman to know how to make kitchen work and food healthy and tasty quickly. Apart from this, how to take out time for yourself from your work and office work becomes a very thoughtful topic. In such a situation, today we have brought some such hacks for you, by following which you can complete your work quickly.

Make sweets like this when guests arrive

When guests arrive at home suddenly, we all get worried as to what to prepare for them as they are in a hurry. In such a situation, you can make kheer for your guests. Now you might be thinking that it takes a lot of time to make it. But let us tell you that you can make it quickly by adopting these hacks. To make tasty and thick kheer instantly, you can use milk powder or milkmaid in milk. Apart from this, if you do not want to use them, then first put some water in the vessel for making kheer. By doing this the kheer will not stick to the bottom of the vessel.

Many times in the morning we boil potatoes and make vegetables, shortbread or parathas. It takes time to boil the potatoes, as well as to peel and clean them. To avoid these tasks, whenever you boil potatoes, cut them into two parts. After this, add water and half teaspoon salt in the cooker and boil the potatoes. By doing this, it will take less time to boil the potatoes and when you peel the potatoes, it will take much less time to peel them.

while boiling noodles

If you want to make noodles in less time in the morning, then add a little oil and salt while boiling it. By doing this, the noodles will not stick to each other nor will there be any problem in moving it. After boiling, when you turn it in the vessel, wash it with cold water and turn it. By doing this, the noodles will become fluffy and will not stick to each other.

Grind the chutney and store it.

Chutney doubles the taste of food. If you also like chutney then you can store it also. Now you might be thinking that storing the chutney changes its color and taste, so add curd to the chutney while grinding it. By doing this both the taste and color of the chutney will remain intact.

Do this work along with this

If you want to make your work even easier, then peel and store things like garlic, peas, etc.

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