Knowing the right tone of your skin can be helpful in many ways, but a common problem is learning how to define undertone of your skin correctly by doing simple skin undertones test.

You can determine the best shade of lipstick or observe which hair color will look the best on you. Follow these steps to determine the complexion.

What Factors Define Undertone of your Skin and few ways of doing your skin undertones test?

Your skin tone doesn’t refer to the shade of your skin or undertone of your skin, but it relates to the appearance of your skin. For those who don’t know what factors define undertone, skin tone is determined by the pigments present in your skin, which do not change due to sun exposure. Keep this in mind that your skin tone is not the same as you see on the surface. You may have pink or rough skin, but your skin tone may be yellow. Always use natural light to observe your skin tone.

One od]f the simplest skin undertones test is by looking at the colour of your veins on the inside of the wrist. If it appears blue or purple, you have got a cool skin tone. If it seems green, the skin tone is warm. When you’re unable to decide the skin tone, it means your skin has neutral skin tone.

Moreover, you should observe how your skin reacts to the sun. Do you tan easily? Or get rashes? The amount of melanin in your skin decided how it reacts to the sun. Easily tanned skin is likely to have neutral or warm skin tone. If it burns and doesn’t tan, then you have cool skin tone.

Using your skin to choose colors

define undertone

Observe your skin tone in neutral light to find your complexion. Your appearance refers to the surface of your skin such as fair, medium or dark. You shall be able to determine the color by observing the skin color of the jaw line.

If your skin tends to get tanned and burn in the sun, then you have light skin. If you tan very easily and rarely burn, you have a medium skin tone.

Your skin tone is a very efficient method to decide on the color of clothes you should wear that suits you the most. Warm skin tones should try neutral like cream, warm red, yellow or orange. Cool undertone shall try purple, pink or navy.

Also, consider your skin tone to decide your lipstick shade. For the light skin, you may try pink, nude, raspberry or mocha. If you have medium skin tone, go for rose, mauve or red cherry. If you have cool undertones, look for metallic shades in ruby red or a dark wine shade.

Hope you’d have understood how to define undertone of your skin and how to select the right colors according to your skin tone by taking these small and simple skin undertones tests.